Talent Demographics Report

Attract More Diverse Talent

"I like working at my company because... "

How would the answer change depending which demographic within your organization you asked? With the face of the American work force changing in terms of age, race, experience levels, and diversity needs, it's important for your company to understand what these different populations want and expect from you as an employer.

Build an inclusive candidate pool for current and future job openings with Talent Demographics Report. This report gives you the unique perspective of your demographics from candidates' viewpoints. It helps you understand who you are attracting today, and which factors are critical to your target talent demographic segments.

  • Create messaging specifically tailored to those demographic groups you want to attract.
  • Find out how your recruiting efforts measure up by comparing how well you attract different demographic groups compared to your industry and competitors for talent.
  • Attract more diverse talent and maximize your diversity recruitment investment.
  • Strengthen your marketing and recruitment strategy by knowing what specific groups of candidates are looking for in an employer.

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