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University of Iowa makes a strong commitment to assist you in your talent acquisition needs. CareerBuilder is the leading job placement vendor and best source of candidates for us, outside of referrals. We utilize them for all of our open positions. And, the volume and quality of candidates has been consistent and effective!

This is the only paid source that University of Iowa utilizes when searching for any position. This means we have negotiated and fully vetted CareerBuilder as the best choice for your and our hiring needs. You cannot believe the amount of service you will receive for such little cost!"

We recommend you give CareerBuilder a try! You won’t be disappointed!

Need further help? We are committed to providing you with an array of tools, resources and guidance every step of the way. University of Iowa has partnered with CareerBuilder to provide you with discounted deals to help with your recruiting efforts. CareerBuilder is the #1 external source of hire for Iowa University and numerous universities across the country. CareerBuilder can help you connect with qualified candidates as they reach 1/3rd of the entire US workforce!

This Posting Portal, powered by, provides a powerful tool in helping locate and attract the top talent you need. Post your open positions today for only $218 per Job Posting. Each ad runs for a full 30 days. Also please feel free to call your CareerBuilder rep Sheldon Franklin at 773.527.6941 for any recommendations based on your needs.